After discussing this in my head for a few weeks, I finally decided on a sort of life update series that I can post periodically. Now, every second Wednesday I’ll be posting a sort of update on what’s coming up on the blog and what’s going on in my life. (We’re just going to pretend that this was posted yesterday since Wednesdays are usually good writing days for me.) I don’t usually have enough going on in my life to do one of these every week, and with my blogging consistency these updates could end up being the only thing on this blog – and I really don’t want that.

I am starting to plan my content in the hopes that I can avoid making these updates take over my site. My posting may still be a bit spotty since I have a lot of homework-heavy classes this semester, but I’m just going to try to bulk write posts on weekends.  I’m also going to be using Instagram more, so you can follow me over there @therosetintedchapterblog. So I don’t go crazy, I’ll mostly be featuring content from other accounts (with credit, of course!). If your feed matches what I want to be posting you can tag your pics with #therosetintedchapter and I might use them!

In other news, my mom started to paint my room, and once I get a clean background for it I’m going to start expanding the fashion part of this blog. I’m guessing it’s going to take around two weeks, but I’ll be able to take outfit pictures without anyone else’s help, so we’ll see how that goes. You should expect some crappy posing and lots of unflattering angles. It’s gonna be lit.

In some less fun news I just found out that I have social anxiety. I can’t say I’m surprised, but hearing it from a psychologist makes it a lot more real and scary. On the other hand, it’s really nice to know that little eighth grade me wasn’t just hoping for attention – I suspected that I had some form of anxiety for a while, but I brushed it off as just wanting to be a ‘special snowflake’. So I can take past me a bit more seriously, which is kind of nice in a strange way.

I also just started my second semester of grade 10 and I’m not a fan so far. As of right now I’m taking Drama, Popular Music in the 20th Century, Science 10, Math 10C, and French 10 or 20, I’m not sure yet. I’m happy with my Pop Music and French but I’m not a fan of anything else. Math and Science are subjects that I enjoy, but they’re being taught by my least favourite teacher, and a lot of the class depends on me for help, which makes getting anything done a bit difficult. But even those classes can’t hold a candle to Drama. It wasn’t my choice to take Drama, everyone in my class has to take it. My brain is wired for sitting in a desk and taking notes, not having to touch people and talk in front of everyone. It’s awful. I’m trying to take a Media, Design, and Communications course instead, but I don’t know how well that will work. (My primary reaction to finding out I have social anxiety was to ask my mom if I could use it to get out of drama… That should tell you everything you need to know about me.)

Both of my sisters have friends over this weekend, so out of a three day weekend I only have peace for one of the nights… r.i.p. me.

And since I’m a raincloud and this post needs to be brightened up, my friend slept through like fifteen alarms this morning and had to drive to school. Bet you feel pretty good about your productivity levels now!

That was all of my boring life and blog updates for today! I think I’ll be posting on Wednesdays and Sundays now, as long as homework doesn’t get in the way, so I’ll see you all on Sunday!


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