Hello again. Long time no see. My blog was down for about two weeks, but it’s up and running again so I’m back! Just not for long.

Something happened with my Frizzly plugin that shut my whole blog down, and I didn’t get the confidence to ask my hosting company about it until last night. (This is how I know that my shyness has gotten out of control, haha.) They fixed the problem super quickly, so I’m up and running again!

But I have finals in two weeks, so I won’t be posting until after that unless I do a studying tips post or something. I hate talking about studying, though, so unless I get some cute new pens that isn’t happening.

I also just got a new camera that I’m going to be learning how to use, so I might not be posting until a little bit after my finals, so I can share some nice high-quality pics with you all. It’s a Canon Rebel t5i, so it takes some pretty decent pictures. I just have the box lens, but it’s still better than what I’ve been working with!

So I’m guessing it will be the beginning of February when I post next since my last final is on the 30th. (Unless I do some sort of studying related post – something about studyblr maybe?)

Anyway, it’s nice to be back and I’ll see you guys in a while.

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