Current Trend: Velvet

I just got back from a weekend trip to the city, and I noticed that a lot of stores have been carrying clothes in a really pretty metallic velvet. Forever 21 had a lot of this, as did American Eagle. When I was younger I really disliked velvet, because it always caught dust and made my nose itchy. However, now that I’ve grown, I’m really excited to try out this trend.

I didn’t buy any velvet clothes because this trip was about furthering my vinyl collection, but I’m thinking about buying a really cute velvet jacket from Forever 21 that didn’t come in my size. I couldn’t find it online, sadly, but if I go back to that city over Christmas break maybe I’ll find it again.

I also found an adorable red velvet dress from Forever 21 that actually looked surprisingly good on me. It was a bit shorter that what I usually go for, and the neckline was a bit deeper. But, I have to say it would have made the perfect woah-is-this-the-girl-I-know moment. You know, the one that happens at dances in trashy Disney Channel movies. I didn’t get it because I don’t do a lot of Christmas parties, but if my mom makes any plans, the credit card is coming out.

Image result for forever 21 red velvet camisole dress

(Couldn’t find the dress again, I don’t think it’s on sale anymore.)

(The model in this dress is pretty close to my height, so this isn’t far from how it looked on my. Besides the fact that I’m not a model, obviously. Should’ve just taken a mirror selfie.)

American Eagle had some really cute tops in velvet that I actually kind of loved. I find accent tops a little harder to style than dresses and jackets, though, so I didn’t try them on. I’m regretting that a bit now, but if we go to that city over Christmas break maybe they’ll be on clearance. Who knows?
(I have to say I’m a little bit in love with this top. If we go back I’m definitely trying this one on. Maybe wearing it with jeans and a flannel over it?)

Image result for american eagle velvet cami

(Get it here.)

They also have this gorgeous dress that I didn’t notice while I was there, but I really love it. I may hate parties, but I’m considering asking my mom to make some plans just for an excuse to wear all these cute clothes.

Image result for american eagle velvet dress

(Get it here.)

So that’s all of what I saw for velvet while I was out and about. I’m a huge fan of it, and I’m already looking forward to my next shopping trip so I can get some of these adorable things. What do you think of the velvet? Will you be wearing it?

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