In your English classes, I’m sure you’ve heard your teacher say that in poetry every word is chosen carefully because they all count. The same applies for capsule wardrobes – you need to choose every  single piece well because you will be wearing every single one pretty often.

So how do you know that each piece you pick is a winner? I have three simple steps for you.

#1: Make sure it’s high quality.

If you’re buying a new item for your capsule make sure it’s going to last. If it’s made of a cheap material, is going to stain easily, or doesn’t fit quite right, then drop it. Items in capsules get a lot of use, and if it won’t last long then you shouldn’t bother with it. If you’re going through your old clothes to make your capsule, and find a low-quality item that would work with your capsule, then donating it would be your best option. You could keep it since you already bought it, but it won’t last long and it might be better off with another owner.

#2: If it doesn’t work with your other pieces, leave it.

If it’s a strange fit or a colour that doesn’t go with the rest of your capsule, don’t get it/keep it. You won’t be able to make outfits easily, and you probably won’t wear it. If you’re limiting yourself to a number of items, then it becomes even more important to avoid items like these. For most people capsules work best if they’re all black and grey with a little bit of white since all of those can be paired easily. It’s probably best to keep to basic fits and limit yourself when it comes to trend items.

#3: Make sure it’s easy to care for.

If you’re a messy eater, don’t get a dry clean only blouse. If you have a heavy period and you almost always leak, don’t get white jeans. If you’re always really busy, don’t get something that you will have to hand wash or iron. If an item will require special care, then it’s probably best to keep it out of your capsule. Make sure each item works with your life before you buy it. However, this doesn’t mean that all special care clothes are to be avoided. If it’s a dry clean only dress, and you only wear formal clothes once or twice a season, you could work with that. If you have the time to be hand washing and ironing, then go for it. As long as you know what care it needs and you are willing to meet those needs as often as you have to, then it’s good.

I hope that helped you curate your capsule! These three things are really helpful to keep in mind when using the KonMari Method to clean out your existing wardrobe. Is there anything that you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments.



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