My dream wardrobe is drastically different from what I wear now. I hardly ever try anything new with my clothes. The only places I really go are to school and to this one small city about an hour away from me, that nearly everybody in my school goes to on the weekends. So I basically don’t ever have a chance to try new things without risking being seen by my classmates. It’s not that I’m going to try anything really strange. It’s just that if I look anything different than what everybody expects me to be, then that’s basically an invitation to come talk to me about what I’m wearing. Which is an incredibly uncomfortable experience. (It’s happened before, I’ve learned my lesson.)

So for the next two and a half (at least) years, I’m stuck wearing the same things and doing my makeup the same way. Sigh. But I can still dream and dream I sure have. I found a bunch of pieces that I would totally wear, and you are going to understand why I’m so in love. Here they are!

(EDIT: I actually wore something a bit nicer than usual to school the other day and it went alright! A few people complimented me, but other than that nobody said anything, so it was great. Maybe I’ll try doing that more often? Probably not, but it’s a nice thought.)

#1: Literally any skirt ever.

I haven’t even owned a skirt for years. I would love to be a skirt person, especially in Autumn, but I got myself labeled as a jeans and sweaters person years ago, so it isn’t happening. Here are some super cute outfits that I will be trying variations of in the future.

My Dream Wardrobe - Skirt  My Dream Wardrobe - Skirt

#2: Dresses.

I stay away from dresses for the same reason I stay away from skirts. Sometimes I wear dresses on formal occasions, and occasionally over summer, but that’s it. I think I wore a dress to school once last year, and then people asked why, and then I decided to not do that again. My goal throughout school is to basically not be noticed. However, these are some super cute dresses that I would love to wear.

My Dream Wardrobe - DressMy Dream Wardrobe - Dress

#3: Cute boots.

I have a slight velvet obsession at the moment, and I love the idea of wearing a pair of velvet boots. However, my school is super casual (jeans and tees are the norm, nobody judges others for wearing sweatpants.) so these boots may not be great. I would love a pair of these for the weekend, though.

My Dream Wardrobe - BootsMy Dream Wardrobe - Boots

#4: Velvet anything, really.

I fell in love with velvet the last time I was in a big city, and I’m more than ready to try this trend. I think I could do this one, I just need to find a store near me that sells it. (Read more about my obsession in my post-Current Trend: Velvet)

My Dream Wardrobe - VelvetMy Dream Wardrobe - Velvet

That’s most of the big groups of things I want to try. I think as soon as I find a really good online discount store I’ll probably buy stuff from all of these categories, just for trips and stuff like that. I’m actually overly excited to try some velvet stuff, I think it’s gorgeous. What’s on your want-to-try list? Let me know in the comments.

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