So, on Friday I wrote about 6.5k words. I had time to write more, and there were more posts on my outline, but my brain was mush. It just wasn’t happening. I started my review of The Neighborhood’s album and I couldn’t even formulate a sentence that described the song. My writing was at a new low, so I decided to stop.



As I’m writing this it’s 11:32am and I’ve written less than 100 words. Great start. My brain is still a little bit dead, but most of the posts I’m going to write today are pretty photo heavy so I have an excuse to take Pinterest breaks.

I only wrote 5.5k  words today, mainly because my mom wasn’t around to get after me for not writing. I hit 40k words total, though, so I only have 10k left.



I woke up early, wrote 200 words, then fell asleep until my mom woke me up at noon. That went well. As of 1:00 I’ve written 1.5k and I’ve only cried once so that’s positive.

I ended the day with an overall total of 45593 words. For me, that’s pretty amazing because all month I’ve been 10k+ words behind, but now I’m nearly 600 ahead. I ended writing early to make sure I’m not burnt out tomorrow. I think I’m going to be finished on Tuesday, but if I can finish tomorrow I’d love that.

So that’s my weekend. How much did you write this weekend?


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