I am not a Youtube oriented person. I tried to become a Youtube lover sometime about a year ago, but I’m really not that type of person. I’m more into internet addictions that you can indulge in while listening to loud music. But within the last few months, I have found a few Youtubers that I love. I may not go on Youtube every day, but when I see that one of them has uploaded, then Youtube goes on my to do list. These are the people I marathon watch on weekends while eating noodles. These are my top four Youtubers.


#1 – okaysage

Sage was the first Youtuber of these four that I found, and it was through her account that I found the rest of them. Her Youtube is a mix of fashion, beauty, and some other stuff. She’s a pretty real person and doesn’t take herself too seriously, which is nice. Her channel is my go to when my family is asleep but I just drank four cups of tea and sleep is for the weak.



#2 – catherine davidson

I honestly think Catherine is my life goals. She’s super pretty, really good at drawing, she makes really pretty videos… I love watching her Youtube. Her content is pretty similar to Sage’s, and I absolutely love it.




#3 – savannah noel

I only found Savannah’s channel a few weeks ago, after hearing about her in a few of Sage’s videos. Her clothing hauls are great, since she’s so brave and tries lots of new things. I still haven’t seen all of her videos, but I will be marathoning her soon!




#4 – Wayne Goss

Wayne is a professional makeup artist and he has a lot of helpful tips on his channel. He delivers the information in a really humorous way, though, so it doesn’t feel like a classroom lecture.




Bonus – Plant Based Bride

I don’t know if this channel can really be counted as a beauty channel, but there are some videos on beauty. Elizabeth’s channel involves beauty, veganism, and current events. She’s one of my favourite bloggers, so I just had to include her on this list!




So those are really the only beauty Youtubers that I watch often. Should I be adding anybody to this list? Let me know in comments!


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